Sunday, December 30, 2012

December. A catch up blog.

Wow, I can not believe that this month is almost gone. It's been an AMAZING month spent doing all things Christmas. We made sugar cookies, walked Christmas Tree lane, drove down Cindy lane (which is so cool) twice, saw Santa and went to Christmas parties galore!

I met the love of my life 7 weeks ago and he has made this month very memorable and special. I've never been shown this kind of genuine love and kindness before and it feels (for lack of a better word) amazing. He's funny, lovable, sweet, kind and so cute. Just an all around beautiful person and I hope to marry him someday, yep I said it, marry him.

Us on Christmas, this is my favorite picture of he and I.

Christmas has come and gone leaving my house full of spoiled children, pine needles, a few extra pounds and lots of love. I'll miss Christmas, it was special this year spent with lots of family and friends, mostly Eric's friends but they're pretty awesome so I'm happy to call them "freinds".

I think my favorite part was waking up with Bella and opening presents on Christmas day, just her and I. She loved it and I relished that hour spent with my first child, my only daughter and will hold on to that memory forever especially because when Blake woke up the Christmas joy was put on hold, he had decided that this year presents were not "his thing". So instead of opening them he would throw them and have a freak out. I eventually opened them for him and would sit them somewhere in his general proximity in hopes he would want to play with them when he was ready, which he did. Three christmas' equals A LOT of freak outs. Hopefully next year it will be better. Maybe presents wont be the enemy.

Pictures to prove it (a lot, because a lot happened):

Making Sugar Cookies


Grace and Blake
My favorite thing. All full of awesome vintage christmas things.
Nephew Jude
Mom and Bella


Maddie, Brennan, Grace, Blake & Bella
Someone got a cell phone!

Note and half eaten goodies left by Santa.

Papa (my dad) and Bella
My favorite gift, Cake Stand Eric got me.

I got Eric a license plate. ECV! The top reads "Captain Vespa" which is his Clamper name. (I'll explain later)

Christmas Eve
Lil Ladies, Bella and Celena
My love and I.

Good times.

As of right now Blake and I are sick AGAIN with a horrendous cold. It's horrible. I'm supposed to be leaving tomorrow evening to Long Beach and LA for NYE/my birthday with my love. So I'm reallllly hoping to feel better by then. I'll actually be gone from both children for 2 1/2 days! I've only ever left Blake for one night, so I'm a little scared but extremely excited! Wish me luck in feeling better for tomorrow!

Hopefully I'll blog about our LA adventure when I get back!

Happy New Year!

xoxo me.