Sunday, December 30, 2012

December. A catch up blog.

Wow, I can not believe that this month is almost gone. It's been an AMAZING month spent doing all things Christmas. We made sugar cookies, walked Christmas Tree lane, drove down Cindy lane (which is so cool) twice, saw Santa and went to Christmas parties galore!

I met the love of my life 7 weeks ago and he has made this month very memorable and special. I've never been shown this kind of genuine love and kindness before and it feels (for lack of a better word) amazing. He's funny, lovable, sweet, kind and so cute. Just an all around beautiful person and I hope to marry him someday, yep I said it, marry him.

Us on Christmas, this is my favorite picture of he and I.

Christmas has come and gone leaving my house full of spoiled children, pine needles, a few extra pounds and lots of love. I'll miss Christmas, it was special this year spent with lots of family and friends, mostly Eric's friends but they're pretty awesome so I'm happy to call them "freinds".

I think my favorite part was waking up with Bella and opening presents on Christmas day, just her and I. She loved it and I relished that hour spent with my first child, my only daughter and will hold on to that memory forever especially because when Blake woke up the Christmas joy was put on hold, he had decided that this year presents were not "his thing". So instead of opening them he would throw them and have a freak out. I eventually opened them for him and would sit them somewhere in his general proximity in hopes he would want to play with them when he was ready, which he did. Three christmas' equals A LOT of freak outs. Hopefully next year it will be better. Maybe presents wont be the enemy.

Pictures to prove it (a lot, because a lot happened):

Making Sugar Cookies


Grace and Blake
My favorite thing. All full of awesome vintage christmas things.
Nephew Jude
Mom and Bella


Maddie, Brennan, Grace, Blake & Bella
Someone got a cell phone!

Note and half eaten goodies left by Santa.

Papa (my dad) and Bella
My favorite gift, Cake Stand Eric got me.

I got Eric a license plate. ECV! The top reads "Captain Vespa" which is his Clamper name. (I'll explain later)

Christmas Eve
Lil Ladies, Bella and Celena
My love and I.

Good times.

As of right now Blake and I are sick AGAIN with a horrendous cold. It's horrible. I'm supposed to be leaving tomorrow evening to Long Beach and LA for NYE/my birthday with my love. So I'm reallllly hoping to feel better by then. I'll actually be gone from both children for 2 1/2 days! I've only ever left Blake for one night, so I'm a little scared but extremely excited! Wish me luck in feeling better for tomorrow!

Hopefully I'll blog about our LA adventure when I get back!

Happy New Year!

xoxo me.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

And so it goes..

There have been some major changes in my life the last few months. Nothing that I wish to get into too much here. I haven't done any blogging. I haven't even read anyone else's blogs. You see, blogs tend to portray the perfect side of life, the parts that are full of joy and happy moments and I was in no mood to see others enjoying their perfect (or seemngly so) lives.Even the crafting blogs which I followed religiously, became completely unappealing to me. I decided today though that I need to get back to "me". I need to stop feeling sorry for myself and realize life could be much, much, worse. I actually have a pretty great life. Two amazing children who love me with all their hearts, a loving family and amazing friends who are always there for me, peace and freedom and another chance to find the love that I know I deserve. So I'm ok.

I tried to post pictures from Bellas party but something is up with the photo upload so I'll get to that tomorrow hopefully.

Happy Saturday! xoxo Tambra

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


It's only Wednesday?? This feels like the longest week ever and it's only my second day at work. I long for the weekend if only for two days, to be able to stay in bed an hour longer, not get dressed right away and to actually see me kids before 4:00 p.m.

Today when I got home I could tell instantly my lil Blakey was sick. BIG sad face :( !! He was lethargic, had a runny nose and those sick, sad eyes. My Dad said he had volunteer to take a nap today so that was the fist indicator he wasn't feeling well. Guess it wasn't just car sickness.... anyway, it kills me to not be able to stay home with him. I absolutely cant though because of impending time off that I need to take. It really sucks being a working mom, especially when your kids need you.

In happier news, I started making the banner for Bella's birthday party yesterday. I love this theme so hard!! I cant wait to cut more little cute anchors, sailboats, whales etc to affix to EVERYTHING!

Here's a taste:


Monday, June 4, 2012

Day trip!

We took a quick day trip to Bass Lake today. It's soooo pretty there. We didn't get going until about noon because we had some errands to do (a lot). Bella had school so it was just Blake, Emett and I. I wished Bella was there but it was a good opportunity for us to spend some one on one time with Blake. He slept most of the way but kept waking up and crying... I thought it was weird but didn't know what it was but was suspicious that he may be car sick. We made some stops off the road here and there to look at the big casino (from the outside), one of Emett's childhood homes in the mountains and the Pine's resort (mainly because we were trying to get to the lake). I day dreamed about one day being able to rent a cabin there and have a family vacation during the summer. It's so beautiful and smells like new air up there. We couldn't figure out how to get to the lake for the life of us but as soon as we gave up to head back home we found an entrance!

(on the way up)

(walkin down to the lake)

(The back of "The Pine's Resort")

As soon as we pulled up Blake yelled "Ocean!" (ADORABLE). He was excited to get out of the car and explore. We ran down to the shore. He dipped his toes in the water and smiled, he was really happy. He and Emett skipped rocks and whatever else they could find to throw in, which Blake loooves to do. We actually had to take our big pool down because all Blake wanted to do was throw stuff in it to watch it float, so he was in to it.

To add to the amazing view were a flock of geese and their babies walking around... they were so cute.

(Skipping Rocks)

It was an amazing time. We had to head back home after about an hour. We got in the car and had driven for abut 10 minutes when Blake puked. I'm not sure if he had gotten car sick or what since he seems fine now but it was gross and I felt so bad for him. We did some damage control/clean up and continued home. As soon as we got out of the mountains it got reallly windy and reallly dusty. It turns out there was a dust storm in our town and the wind was super strong which is typical for this area.

So that was our day.. it was a great one. The End.

xoxox Tambra

Zoo's, Wedding's and Kid's parties Oh my!

Things I did this weekend:

Went to the zoo (It was 104 degrees, not a good idea).

Took Bella to her Dance recital at the beautiful "Armenian Home".


Went to a beautiful wedding!

Party at Chuck E. Cheese's.

Lots of Laundry.

Grocery Store.

Here's some pics to prove it:

(looking at the Elephants, his favorite)
(waiting for Bella at the "Armenian Home" wish I had taken a picture of the scenery)
(The bootiful wedding of Brandon and Jen)
(Having fun at the wedding)
(My sister and nephew Jude, High fiveing Chuck E.)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Choo Choo!

I'm FINALLY getting around to posting some of the pictures from Blake's "Thomas the Train" birthday party.  A part from him not taking a nap before and being a little tired and cranky, it went pretty well. I didn't do a ton of decorations but I think  I did ok in that department, I didn't want to go over board. There was a lot of stuff I forgot to take pictures of but that is pretty much inevitable.

 On the cake table or "desert table" there were red choc covered marshmallows, Thomas shaped candy pops, Hershey kisses with special "Blake and friends" labels and Thomas fruit snacks.

The cake turned out moist and cute. I'm actually glad I made it.


 Blake and all the other kids had a great time jumping on the trampoline! Thanks Papa for the great gift!!!

He even opened the rest of his presents on it!

(He got lots of really nice gifts, a lot of Thomas stuff!)

We had a small "coloring station" set up which he seemed to like

We also had a train pinata but he wasn't too happy about everyone hitting it!

(Trying to rescue the pinata)

(Bella's turn)

All in all it was a great party and I think everyone had fun! Now lets hope this next year goes by much slower!!!!

xoxo Tambra