Wednesday, June 6, 2012


It's only Wednesday?? This feels like the longest week ever and it's only my second day at work. I long for the weekend if only for two days, to be able to stay in bed an hour longer, not get dressed right away and to actually see me kids before 4:00 p.m.

Today when I got home I could tell instantly my lil Blakey was sick. BIG sad face :( !! He was lethargic, had a runny nose and those sick, sad eyes. My Dad said he had volunteer to take a nap today so that was the fist indicator he wasn't feeling well. Guess it wasn't just car sickness.... anyway, it kills me to not be able to stay home with him. I absolutely cant though because of impending time off that I need to take. It really sucks being a working mom, especially when your kids need you.

In happier news, I started making the banner for Bella's birthday party yesterday. I love this theme so hard!! I cant wait to cut more little cute anchors, sailboats, whales etc to affix to EVERYTHING!

Here's a taste:


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