Saturday, February 23, 2013

Starting a new.

I've decided to jump on the ol' Wheat/Gluten free band wagon. I know people will probably make fun of me and call me a hipster even more than they already do but that's ok with me because let me tell you it makes a difference. I went wheat free for two days and then screwed up big time yesterday. I woke up with a very swollen knee and full of regret for all the bad food decisions I made yesterday. I have an absolute love affair with bread, dairy and sugar but it is killing me. Not only am I diabetic and overweight but my skin and joints are inflamed and very angry with me, which is making life not so fun to live.
I had a friend earlier this morning suggest a video to me about juicing and inflammation. I heard about juicing from another friend recently on facebook and how it has heloed them and thier ailments quite a bit. So after watching this guys video on juicing and inflammation, I'm totally ready to start. I actually plan on going to Costco today and picking up a juicer. I'll be juicing green stuff like: cilantro, baby kale, cucumber, with lemon, turmeric, ginger and I'll add some aloe vera juice (blech) and/or some flax oil. I figure it's going to taste like crap so I'm prepared for that. Honestly, anything that will help me at this point I'm game for!
So any other suggestions, especially about juicing, like maybe how to make it not taste like crap are, are very welcome!
Wish me luck people!

xoxo me

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