Monday, February 18, 2013

Time to play catch up.

Sometimes after reading another persons blog I feel inspired, more than usual, to write myself. After reading Cjane's new blog entry I feel that. Except I also feel like I probably have no business blogging ever again reading those words, so beautifully put. She's really amazing. I'm kind of obsessed and she DEFINITELY gets my "favorite Mormon" award, maybe even my favorite woman award (I heart Mormons)!

SO annnnyway,

Today is Monday, Presidents Day and I took the day off from work. Yay me!

I had the most amazing weekend with my most amazing boyfriend, the love of my life Mr. Eric Myers. We drove up to the mountains and went to a dance and boy did we dance, on Saturday evening, hung out with some cool Clampers and their women (widders) and then spent all day together Sunday. We went to a couple of Antique stores in Oakhurst then came home and relaxed together, it was heaven. I honestly can't think of anything I'd rather do than be with that man. He's home for me, as long as I'm with him everything else is ok and for the first time in my life I can be honest when saying I really feel like I'm with the person that I'm supposed to be with and more importantly who I want to be with. It's truly the best feeling I've ever had.


We thought this was funny.
My super cute antique store finds: Artichoke platter, napkins, teapot.

The End. Driving home..

My Blake will be starting his first day at Central Ca Autism Center on March 1st. Last week he had a couple of assessments at the center to see what his abilities are (which are many) and to see how many hours he'll be there. Since he is already in school 5 hours a day, they are giving him 15 hours a week. SO he'll be there about 3 hours a day after school. Not too bad. I'm a little worried that he's going to be extremely exhausted but I think it will be something that he's going to have to get used to. I'm very excited for him. He's a smart boy, he knows how to count, can say his ABC's, knows all his letters, numbers and shapes. He can say so many words now but there are still a lot of things he needs help with like talking in complete sentences and other little things I never even really considered until someone was asking me if he does them. It's pretty crazy.

Blake also started taking the bus two weeks ago and loves it! I've tried to get a couple of pictures of it just to have, it's pretty adorable and watching him smile through the window and wave bye as the bus takes of is pretty much priceless. I almost cried but amazingly didn't!

The first day I put him on the bus which was after he had already rode it a few times, he raaan out to it!

This was on Friday, he was waiting for the bus to come

This time was different though, he said "hold my hand" and I walked with him all the way in like that.

Picking a seat. His friend was in the seat he usually takes but he didn't have a meltdown, was just a little thrown off.

I love my boy soooo much. Especially when he does cute things like this! He also wanted to wear my vans and flip flops but those kind of pictures aren't as A.cute or B. good for black mail.

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