Thursday, May 17, 2012

It gets better all the time

You know when you write a whole blog post and then accidentally delete it? Yeah that just happened to me... anywho..

Blake will be three next Saturday. I know everyone says this about their kids but, it's hard to believe. He is my BABY! The last three years have just flown by. Fuh-reals. He's really taking on the new "big boy" act too. It seems like only yesterday that he couldn't do really anything for himself, was barely talking or communicating at all. Now, such a different story. He wants to do everything for himself. He uses the potty more, tries to get his own snack or drink from the fridge. He is also talking more and more every day. Emett tried to make a list of all his words the other day and ran out of room at 80! That's amazing for a little boy who was barely saying anything just months ago. There are so many little things that I notice daily, that I have hoped and wished he'd do like any "normal" child would. Like sit with me for more than 5 minutes, lay down next to me and watch tv, stay still while I read to him at night, be affectionate towards me, call me "mommy" or Emett "daddy" (he called Emett "da"). These are all things I have noticed in just the last week. It's great and I'm so happy for my baby.

I just wish my kids weren't growing up so fast...

(Bella and Blake May 2009)    

(Me and my lil's)

(Right before first birthday)

(Newborn Blakey)

(Blake's 2nd Birthday)


  1. yay! they are so cute! super yay to the fact that he is talking so much more. that is HUGE.

  2. Yeah it really is pretty big! Im proud of him! :)