Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day

Since today is Mother's Day I decided to share a little about my Mother.

My mom was born in Germany to a German Mother and American /Jewish father who was an American soldier. She moved to the US when she was an infant and at age 3 her mother left her father and remarried another American soldier whom my mother thought was her real father until age 13. My mother actually never got to see her biological father again as he passed away suddenly from a heart attack shortly after she had reconnected with him. That left a huge hole in her heart. My Mother has several brothers and sisters all of which are half most she has never met. She went to boarding school in England and was in love with "The Beatles" during that time but she has always had a love for music which has very much rubbed off on me. When I was a kid, she and I would drive around in the car and sing to whatever played on the radio (mostly classic rock)  and she never cleaned house without having the radio turned up loud! As a kid she lived in several different States and one other country until her family finally settled in good ol' Fresno California where she attended high school. She married for the first (and only) time at 19 and divorced soon after. She was with my father for 11 years but didn't have me, her first child, until she was 32. She was a "single mom" most of my life after leaving my father when I was 3. My mom did everything she could to take care of me and my little sister and has always been (for the most part) a loving and caring mother. I love my Mom and even though we have had some ups and a lot of downs I hope she knows that I love her and I will never forget all the years she took care of me and and how hard it was for her to raise me by herself and make sure I never went without.

     (My Mom as a child, playing in her backyard)

( 3 years old)

( 18 years old)

(My Mom and Dad)

(My Mother, her Grandmother and myself the day I was born)

(My Mom and I circa 1984)

( My mom had this poodle skirt made for me because I wanted to be "50's" for Halloween)


Love you Mom, Happy Mothers Day

xoxo tambra

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