Monday, May 7, 2012


Man, Im sure tired. I cannot believe that it's only Monday.. this is gonna be a slow week. Life is pretty busy and stressful lately. I have two big birthdays coming up, Blake's third and Bella's tenth! I have a problem with wanting to make things bigger then they need to be but I figure my kids are only little once and I love to do the crafts and planning for the parties. Only problem is the vision usually ends up being way too expensive for my budget so then I stress out about how I'm going to make it all come together. It's ridiculous but I love doing it.
making blake's birthday banner
another banner

We went to Blake's last "IEP" appointment today. No new developments. There was a little boy today at his class though that reminded me SO much of Blake. He even looked just like him from behind. He seemed a little less verbal than Blake but has many of the same autistic behaviors and mannerisms that Blake has. He even had a special blankey he carried around. It was funny.

On Sunday we went to my step sister's house to hang with the kids for a couple hours and we had a nice time. I was obsessed with her Cricut paper cutter! Oh my gosh, it's great!  The kids had a great time with each other as they always do, picking strawberries and bouncing on the trampoline. Our children our months apart (both sets) so they are pretty close, especially our older ones and my kids LOVE it at Auntie Alicia's, even Blake is starting to ask to go over there now!  Heres a couple pictures:

Blake and Grace bouncing on the trampoline

picking strawberries

Hope everyone has a good week!

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