Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Figuring it all out

Blake had his class today at the Lori Ann Infant Program, he goes every Tuesday and really likes it there. I never get to attend because of my work schedule but it just so happens that it is Emett's day off so he always takes him. I'm a little jealous about that but I'll get over it. Today they sent him home with some info stating that we have about two weeks to go visit a couple of schools so that we can decide where he will attend once he's 3. We basically need to decide whether to put him in a "autistic type" program or a regular Head start school. It was a little hard for me to accept but I think the best option is for him to go to a special school first and then hopefully when he's 4 he will be ready for regular Head Start preschool! That is the goal at least. It's really frustrating to not be at all these appointments though. I feel so out of the loop when it comes to his schooling and all the decisions that need to be made. I wish I had some sort of guidance or someone to tell me what I'm supposed to do. Sometimes, even at 32 I feel so not grown up and so not ready to make all of these super important decisions. I mean, what do other parents do who have special needs children? Do they quit their jobs? If so, how on earth can they do that?

I have so many questions...


  1. hi tambra, this picture is super sweet! i didn't realize you were going through this with blake i certainly am not an expert but maybe could answer some placement questions for you about blake. it's been awhile, so you may not know that i am speech-language pathologist in the schools and have worked in special schools for kids with autism and other diagnoses. so, if you ever feel like it...contact me anytime. :)

  2. I remember you mentioning that before! I'm glad to know that though because I'm sure I will have lots of questions. If there is any advice that you think I need to know please feel free to pass it down also. He's been in the program for a few months now and it's helping but I really feel like he needs the ABA therapy since many of his issues have to do with social interaction and certain behaviors that he has.