Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One of those days

As we speak Blake is jumping on his bed. Hard. I could tell him to stop but then he'll just do it again. Boys... about five minutes ago he decided to dump out every single tub of toys he could get his tiny little hands on allll over his bedroom floor. I'm pretty sure he hates organization. Sometimes he gets really mad if I try to pick it up and he'll grab it from me to throw back on the floor. How could anyone hate organization??

ok, maybe it isn't that bad but it sounded pretty bad!

Today was a not so great day. I wasn't feeling good (again), I over slept 20 minutes and I got into a verbal spat with my horrible "uncle" who recently put my Grandmother into an Alzheimer's home, sold her car and disposed of everything else he didn't want except a few pieces of furniture that he so kindly let me have (sarcasm). I don't understand how people can be so cold hearted. I'm not going to get into specifics here but the way they (my uncles) have handled this situation is so very disappointing and it makes me so sad for my Mother. Families should stick together but it seems whenever money or egos is involved people do really stupid things.

So, to redeem this horrible day I will be going to ROE to celebrate my dear friend Corie's Birthday! I've known Corie for about 13 years now (whoa!!), we've been through some great times and some very dark and horrible times together. I love her and I'm so glad that she has recently found extreme happiness and is on cloud 9!

Happy Birthday Babe!

Me and Corie!

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