Monday, April 16, 2012


I don't think that I've mentioned this yet but I work full time, not a full time stay at home mom (I wish) (sometimes) kind of work, the kind of work where I have to get up and leave my children every morning before I even get to see their cute little faces and go to a boring office where I sit at a desk for 8 hours, kind of job. It sucks, to put it lightly. BUT it helps pay the bills and it's necessary, so everyday I wake up, put my big girl panties on and DO IT! I'm hoping that some day soon that changes so I can spend more time with my children, especially Blakey. The kind of therapy that he needs will take place in our home and will most likely be at least 5 hours a day except for when he's in school, which will be up to 5 hours a day as well. It sounds really overwhelming. I don't love the thought of strangers being in my home for hours a day and actually working sometimes sounds more appealing but I will do anything to help my boy.

Today I haven't felt so hot though. I feel feverish and weak for no apparent reason (it's an on going issue) and I'm really dreading waking up at 6 am and going to work. I did however make some yummy chocolate cupcakes for my friend Brittany who I work with since tomorrow is her birthday so I'm happy to take those to her. Brittany looks like Kim Kardashian and is awesome so she deserves cup cakes. And since I know you want to see a picture (obviously) here they are:


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