Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mermaids are real.

I love my kids. Oh, have I said that before? I may not be the best mother in the world, I make A LOT of mistakes and say things I regret, I have a foul mouth and not much patience but I try really hard every day to be more like the mom I want to be because man do I love these kids.

Last night Bella really wanted to use the lap top to watch you tube videos. I'm always hesitant about this because I know there is a lot of stuff on there that she should never, ever see but shes pretty innocent and I know shes not trying to watch anything bad so I said "okay". This morning I went to get the laptop out of her room and when I turned it on it was still playing one of the videos. It was of two little girls talking about their bunny rabbits. It was cute... and all the other videos she had watched were about "real mermaids" (shes been on a quest to find a video of a real one). So when she got up this morning and came to tell me something about "Blake has muffin all over the couch", I squeezed her and told her I loved her and asked her if she was looking for mermaids all night, to which she replied "Yeah! How do you know?". I love that she still believes things like this exist. She is just starting to question Santa and the Easter Bunny and I'm dreading the day she doesn't believe anymore. BREAKING NEWS!! Bella has just informed me that she found a "spell" that will "turn her into a mermaid" during her internet search last night. She wrote it down and has informed me that she tried it this morning! Umm, maybe letting her look at you tube wasn't such a great idea! The things she does and says sometimes are so cute I wish I would have blogged or kept a journal her whole life.

Yesterday Bella had her "nursing home show" which is like a practice show for her big performance in June. It went pretty well. My only criticism was she needs to smile more. As soon as I can figure out how to post the video I will. I need to get it from my phone to here! HELP! but for now here's a picture of Blake and Jude in a double stroller! Funny.


  1. love the story of bella! so cute.

  2. Mermaids rock and so does Bella! Jonas looks up Mindecraft vidoes on Youtube--non-stop. lol